Scale-up Manufacturing

"Pharmaceutical manufacturing can be remarkably complex"

Fortuitously, SNECOFRi provides scientific expertise and state-of-the-art technologies to support in planning and executing the process of increasing production of intermediates, APIs, impurities, peptides and custom molecules or any desired product substances to meet your demands for scale-up and commercialization of your toughest challenges.

 SNECOFRi is a bridge platform alliance with group of pharmaceutical companies dedicated to upstream and downstream processing technologies to offer global-scale commercial production at a cost-effective prices. We are capable to support seamlessly scale up in our large-scale GMP and Non-GMP compliant facility. Our world-class collaborative partnership facilities enable us to deliver product and drug substances from grams to kgs to Ton basis as desired.

 "When manufacturing on a large scale, it is essential to maintain product quality"

This includes establishing stringent QC measures and paying attention to product development and validation.