"Grow Your Business With SNECOFRi"

SNECOFRi is a rapidly growing scientific company build an integrated bridge network with a group of pharmaceutical industries to provide value-added services to fasten the process and product deliver on-timely basis. Our data-driven product portfolio empowers companies to be more agile and responsive to the market conditions. we are centralizing all-inclusive product information need to identify, prioritize, and manage products with strategy alignment.

“We Are Recognized By People Through Our Quality Services And Teamwork”

We aspire to be the reliable source for active pharmaceutical ingredients and advanced drug intermediates, impurities, peptides, building blocks, reagents, functional and industrial raw materials for global pharmaceutical companies.

Mitigate Supply Chain Disruption

"We Solve Pharmaceutical Toughest Challenges !!! "

Disruptions to supply chains are often unforeseen, unpredictable, and beyond the control of businesses they affect.

Supply chain is a system of people, organizations, and actions that moves products from suppliers to customers, and eventually to end user. Supply chain disruption has long been understood by business owners, manufacturers, and suppliers. The COVID-19 pandemic created changes and disruption for businesses across the world come under a public spotlight. Supply chains are often fragile ecosystems, we all hope that our supply chain transparency will be resilient and reliable.

Why Choose US ?

  • SNECOFRi is Essential Source Of Vast Product Portfolio with an Integrated marketing solutions for all chemicals you need.
  • Expertise on Customer engagement and awareness on buyer needs.
  • Certainly, understand the value of time in business to deliver projects within timeframe Adhering To Competitive Pricing.
  • Our team rigorously provides High Quality Services to businesses beyond your expectations.
  • All our efforts come up with new ways to Strengthen Your Organisation Revenue at greater heights by ease in supply chain disruption.
  • Our aspirations to ensure your idea to implementation.

“Being part of the SNECOFRi Group can empower the mobility to grow your product sales and strengthen our operations across Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain” ........... "It’s Not About How Many Products Or Ideas You Have…it’s About Ideas Making Happen & Way To Sell Yourself"

Dr. Satya Panchireddy