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Global Chemicals for Resererch & Commercial Use

The chemical industry has always been diverse and fragmented. SNECOFRi - Build with a group of integrated industrial-bridge alliance companies are reliable source for all chemical derivatives and functional in multiple segments. SNECOFRi supply chain is the interconnected journey with manufactures to the end-user. We Makes It Easier for manufactures to bring their product commercialization.

We work collaboratively across all segments of the chemical sectors. Our diversified product portfolio and supply (Gram - Kg To Ton Basis) without any quantity limitations is a beneficial for world-wide innovations take place in academic institutions, start-ups, incubators, MSMEs and multi national companies.

Our core competence in offering a single source of vast product portfolio across the full industry value chain to optimize your purchasing strategy for commercialization, customization to new product development, contract research services and scale-up manufacturing.

Better living through chemistry, 21st century is about the Promptness of finding solutions to problems.



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